Essay on How A Bill Becomes A Law

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1. Describe the process by which a bill becomes a law. Why do you think the process is so lengthy and cumbersome? A bill first starts as an idea, which can be started in the House of Representatives or the Senate by members of either house. The bill is then sent to a subcommittee to “mark it up.” Once they discuss and edit it, it is sent to a more general committee to be discussed and revised again. Once the committee thinks it has a chance of being passed, it is put on the Calendar. This is a schedule that lists when the bill will be discussed and debated by the house it started in (Senate or House of Representatives). In the House, the speaker of the house and the majority leader decide whether the bill should pass before the full house and if so, when. Once the bill is scheduled, it is sent to the house floor to be debated, amended, and voted upon. If the bill passes the house, it then proceeds to the Senate. Once again, it is introduced to a committee who reviews the bill. Afterwards, it is also debated, amended, and voted upon by all one-hundred senators. If it passes through the Senate, it is sent to a chamber of members from both houses to discuss the final version. Once it is done being discussed, it is sent to the president. In this example, the bill was first introduced in the House of Representatives. If the bill is started in the Senate, the process is generally the same, but with a few different rules.
Once the president receives the bill, he can veto it and…

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