Housing Units At Huntington Park Essay

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Furthermore, according to the 2010 US Census, the total number of housing units in Huntington Park was 15,151 and 14,597 were occupied. Only 3,936 homes were occupied by their owner, and the majority are renter occupied (10,661) (2010 US Census). Concerning owner-occupied housing units, the 2010 Census reports 3,662 Hispanic or Latino householders, followed by 174 White (non-Hispanic) householders, 52 Asian householders, and 30 African American householders. The majority of renters in the city are Hispanic or Latino (10,325), followed by 190 White, 63 African American, and 45 Asian renters. Meanwhile, the 2014 ACS estimated that the population 16 years and over in the labor force is 28,247. In 2013, the total jobs in the Huntington Park totaled 16,127, which is a decrease of 5.3% from 2007. Between 2007 and 2013, manufacturing employment in the city declined by 35.6 % (SCAG, 22). During the same time, construction employment in Huntington Park decreased by 39.5 percent (SCAG, 23). Huntington Park lost jobs and in doing so, parents must work multiple jobs to maintain the household. In doing so, they may not be home to cook their relatives a meal or help their children with school assignments.
Consequently, with the absence of parents to feed their children at home, much resort to fast food. As a result, we see obesity as a leading health problem plaguing Latinos in Huntington Park. The cause of obesity can be traced to an individual’s environment, high intake of foods full…

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