Housing Crisis In Saudi Arabia Essay

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A 1 introduction a issue
2 when and how do the issur start?
3 Statistic of people own a home 3-1 Ava income pepole = when can they own a home 3-2 ex.
B- solution
1-provide a home for citizens
2- encourage private companies to contribute in this issue
3- Social responsibility
C- some consequences
1- loyalty
2- % marriage goes up
3- economic goes up

Recently, the housing crisis has become an increasingly controversial issue in the Saudi Arabia. There are diverse arguments when it comes to the issue of the community. For several decades, housing crisis in Saudi Arabia has gradually appeared to community due to some reasons. One of the main significant reasons is that some people have power and take an advantage of
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"There is a new kind of gambling we can recognize here in Saudi Arabia which is land Speculation. Because we can buy a land today then tomorrow we can sell it with hundred percentage of profit"( Abdulaziz alsulaiman ) Also, the Saudi 's culture has some beliefs about a house design such as should have a huge yard, a big gust room and roomy home. Subsequently, land and property values usually go up despite the fact some of these lands do not come with any basic services, such as electricity and water. This issue leads many Saudis to avoid getting married because it is excruciating to own a home even though their country has a strong economy. Approximately, 70 % of citizens do not won a home. (Targe Al-amaudi). Also, there is no equivalent between the average individual income and pricing houses. That means, if citizen relies on his or her income, he or she will have a home after more than ten years. This research is going to focus who are responsible for …show more content…
One of suggestions which enhance this issue is that the government legislate a law that every bank has to provide a cheap money for some citizens. Due to the fact that banks invest customer 's money and they again a lot of many, it means customers do not take any profit from these investments because of religion. Consequently, it is a great way when banks contribute to solve this issue from non-direct

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