Housing and Urban Development (Hud) Essay

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Running head: The Department of Housing 1

The Department of Housing and Urban Development
Bethany L Schultz
Central Michigan University

The History and Mission of the Department of Housing and Urban Development
The Housing Act of 1937, also known as the Wagner-Seagull Act. The Act provides subsidies paid from the U.S. government to local public housing agencies. The purpose is to improve living conditions for low income families (The Housing Act of 1937, 2011). According to writes D. Bradford Hunt, historians miss-understood the intent of the Housing Act of 1937. The Act was known to be the housing program comprised by amendments originating from real estate and conservative interests. Rather the 1937 Housing Act
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Public housing is funded and regulated by the federal government. Each state has public housing programs that are funded by the federal government. Some states may also provide a separately-run state public housing programs. The application process, eligibility and housing may differ between these programs. Housing authorities often have long waiting lists of qualified applicants for public housing provisions (US Government, 2011).
Example of current issues before HUD Two current regulations the Floodplain Management and Protection of Wetlands and Implementation of the Fair Housing Act's Discriminatory Effects Standard proposed rules are on the Federal Register for consideration. The Floodplain management proposed rule would update and modify HUD's regulations governing the protection of wetlands and floodplains. In regards to wetlands, the proposed rule would categorize existing procedures for Executive Order 11990 (E.O. 11990), Protection of Wetlands (Federal Register, 2011). HUD's current policy is to require the use of E.O. 11990's 8 Step Process for floodplains for actions performed by the Department or actions performed with HUD financial assistance. This rule will reduce the steps, thus streamlining the wetlands decision-making processes. Additionally, with respect to floodplains, the proposed rule would prohibit HUD funding (e.g., Community Development Block Grants, HOME Investment Partnerships Program,

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