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Antijuanne Smith

The study of human growth and development has included many theories over the years. From the well known theories such as cognitive development theory to the lesser known theories such as the systems theory, they all have their strong points in some areas but lack in others. Psychosocial development theory attempts to include the biological, behavioral and social aspects of human development so as not to leave any areas out of consideration. The psychosocial theory is very useful when applied generally to the various stages of development, but the psychosocial theory is even more useful when supplemented with other theories of development that divulge into specificity.
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The role of the father in toddlerhood, however, is increasingly important. According to Fogarty and Evans, fathers need to have direct involvement to meet the needs of the child, and fathers need to have indirect involvement so the child learns important social skills (2009). This is a peculiar statement to make. It is a peculiar statement because it either fails to be culturally sensitive, and it solely adheres to father involvement as it pertains to the United States. An interesting dynamic would be an assessment of a possible correlation between the rise in the feminist movement with the rise in the responsibility of the father in child rearing. While the role of the father during toddlerhood is in a state of flux and evolution in the United States, in other parts of the world the role of fatherhood is the same as it has always been. In Kuwait, the role of the father is more of a hands-off. This is especially apparent through the observations conducted while at a public mall in Kuwait. The Fathers were not always present, and when they were present, they were hands-off as if disinterested in their young children. In that sense, cultural theory is important in understanding the specific intricacies of toddlerhood. This would bridge the gap where psychosocial theory falls short. Therefore, in understanding human development in Kuwait, it can be argued that where psychosocial theory is the general doctor, cultural theory is the

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