Essay on Hosting City For The Olympics

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There is a process before a country can become a hosting city for the Olympics. At first there is an invitation phase, where the IOC invites National Olympic Committees (NOC) to declare interest in bidding ten years before the Olympic games. In Stage 1 (Vision, Games concept & strategy), the cities are put forward by respective NOCs as Candidate cities nine years before the Olympic games. The IOC hosts videoconferences for the candidate cities. The cities must go through a workshop and submit a File Part 1. While transitioning from the first stage to the next, the IOC reviews the submissions made by the candidate cities. Next, in Stage 2 (Governance, Legal & Venue Funding), the cities receive the feedback from the previous file and must submit their File Part 2. Before doing so, the cities must go through another workshop and attend a previous Olympic game. Then followed by Stage 3 (Games delivery, Experience & Venue legacy) is when the cities must submit their final File Part 3. This stage is also where the IOC Evaluation Commission visits Candidate cities, as well as a publication of IOC Evaluation Commission report comes about. Then after three years, there is an election of the host city by IOC members. After seven years, the prospective country may be considered a host for the Olympic games ( There is a structured set of elements that take place during the opening ceremony and closing ceremonies of the Olympics. They are very similar to one another with…

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