Essay on Hospital Tablet Recommendation

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Best Practices and Recommendations:
Tablet Selection for Use by Healthcare Practitioners
White Paper
Date: April 16, 2016


* Overview and Background * Criteria for Consideration * Operating Systems * Security, Legal and Regulatory * Hardware

* Recommendation

Overview and Background
A large, local hospital has requested consulting assistance with a technical research and specification project related to the selection of a tablet device for use in their medical practice. This tablet will be used by personnel for medical and administrative purposes throughout the hospital.

Criteria for Consideration
The following criteria have been considered as part of this evaluation:

Operating System:
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Security is paramount when working with patient data, whether it is personally identifiable information (PII) or payment information such as credit and debit card information (PCI). Selection of the proper combination of hardware, software and operating systems will support insuring a secure medical environment and reduce risk of corporate exposure. Virus, malware protection and other tools designed to detect and thwart malicious attacks on company data and systems must be mature and should be reasonably invisible to the end user. The management of these security systems cannot be left to the end user. The must be managed remotely and any alerts and alarms related to security incidents must be reported to a security team for immediate management. Gartner Incorporated’s Magic Quadrant review of Mobile Device Management platforms lists 12 platforms overall and 5 products in the “magic quadrant”, all of which are capable of providing security and management functions for iOS, Android and Windows platforms. Additionally, there are a substantial selection of virus, malware and security monitoring and detection platforms available for mobile security management of these three operating systems.
Hardware must also be considered from a security perspective. While tablet devices are designed to be highly mobile and therefore not physically secured in the work environment, there are several

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