Visual Presentation In Graphic Novels

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Literature review carefully examines with respect to graphical novels of sub-genres and importance of visual presentation in graphic novels. Partially a few of references are studying the psychology of children with traumatic experience in which are used further to develop Katarina Muroaka as a believable and real character. Other references are studying target audience of Horror themed graphic novels, popularity and iconic influences of graphic novels and power of visuals in comparison to text has been studied. Also, a reference regarding geographical publication has been studied. This reference studies the power of color and symbols depending on where an article is published.

A. Background

Background section focuses on psychology
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This method helps to understand what is the level of the awareness of community on the presented piece. Assuming that the group is familiar with graphic novels and the issue of children facing violence and sexuality in their daily lives. It is not important what level of education they have or what particular group they are from because this will cause the outcome to be either limited or not accurate. Focus group will include randomly selected people. University is a suitable site to conduct this study since it includes people from different backgrounds and cultures. The study will involve ten individuals. It is not important what background they are from or what interest they have since it is not an advertisement. This study will not feature statistical questionnaire. It will involve a discussion among participants. Given feedback during the discussion will help to determine if the story is understandable or if images require improvement. The result of the discussion will be on the record (if applicable, otherwise on notepad). I will take the feedback into consideration. It is important to determine what outcome changes will have. As for the material, the group will be given eight pages of the What Remains of Katarina …show more content…
Domination of black and white was a symbolic choice as well. Black represent Katarina being drawn in her fear. White are silhouettes of characters and objects. The primary use of red variations was due to the fact that not only it is strong but also it represents the idea of violence. In order for red to have a proper context a shade of blue is added in order to insert depth in each page. Art style follows well-known works such as Sin City and From hell. Frank Miller creator of Sin City discusses that domination of black color was the result of utilizing negative and positive space. He continues the technique contributed in creating a relevant atmosphere for the setting. Also, it symbolizes a city and its citizen being part of both dark and light. Moving forward from graphic novels, an influence from Film noir genre was also useful. Especially in terms of textual content and composition of scenes. Each page has been reworked multiple times after getting feedbacks to create a smoother

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