Hormones And Its Effects On Adolescents Essay

1098 Words Mar 8th, 2016 5 Pages
The ghastly stench of alcohol and drugs reeks throughout the house of a once functional family. The stench comes from the room of a previously innocent, teenage boy who lies intoxicated on the ground of his room, surrounded by bottles of beer and cigarette buds. Meanwhile, the formerly virtuous, teenage girl who lives right across the hall is trying on revealing miniskirts and strapless dresses, wanting to dress in a that she thinks is stylish and chic. Could it be that hormones play a role in the choices that these teenagers make? It has been proven from multiple scientific studies that hormones play a significant role in assisting in the erroneous choices that teenagers enact on. However, there are those who believe that decisions made by juveniles are not due to hormones. The reason being that they are not examining the facts to support this statement intently. First of all, hormones can force a teen to become more impulsive. It can also drive the concerns of teens, and lastly, can pressure them into feeling as though they are in a state of love. These chemical messengers contribute to a number of the foremost terrible and life-altering decisions that a teen can act on in his or her entire life. Hormones contribute to these life-altering choices by provoking a teen to become more impulsive and more inclined to take risks. “Adolescents’ judgment can be overwhelmed by the urge for new experiences, thrill-seeking, and sexual and aggressive impulses. They sometimes seem…

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