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Unit 3 Analysis of Fiction This Unit Activity will help you meet these educational goals 21st Century SkillsYou will use critical-thinking and problem-solving skills, employ online tools for research and analysis and communicate effectively. Introduction Literature has long been a major source of information and entertainment. Learning to analyze literary work systematically can significantly add to your enjoyment and appreciation of literature. The aim of literary analysis is to extract information about a work of literature from the text itself. Literary analysis essentially involves a detailed examination of the text to answer predefined types of questions, including what the author intended to say or why and to what effect he or she …show more content…
Both him and her had declared that they would forever love eachother which is something he never came close to doing with any other woman he courted. After Yugaos death he spends nearly a month in his bed because he is so heatbroken. Explain how Genjis experience with Yugao is ironic in view of his ideals pertaining to women, as observed throughout the story. Use this HYPERLINK http//redirect.platoweb.com/343455chart of relationships to analyze Genjis relationships with women. Type your response here - His experience with Yugao is ironic to his ideals of women because she dies. This is ironic because he usually she gets bored with a woman and his lust dies for her and he moves on. But with the case of Yugao, he begins to love her and then she actually dies. Task 3 Analyze Part I of Genji Monogatari Now read the HYPERLINK http//redirect.platoweb.com/344126 remaining chapters of Part I. After you have finished, quote at least five examples of the use of imagery and symbolism in Part I. Explore the meaning and significance of the symbols used. Type your response here he was a most accomplished worker of cures offered him a sacred mace that had special protective powers the paper was weighted with his tears as with the dew of wild carnations The lady of that misty moon, remembering the encounter, was sunk in

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