Honor Killings And The Muslim State Essay

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In Yotam Feldner’s article “Honor” Murders- Why the Perps Get Off Easy he brings up the ongoing controversy of “honor murders” among the Muslim community in Jordan and other countries. In his article he covers the different circumstances of honor killings in the Muslim state and how they are treated socially, legally and religiously. He first provides us with the Muslim form of honor called ‘ird that represents a family as a whole. ‘Ird is a form of honor that the females of the family contain and can only be decreased in value. A woman negatively affects her family’s ‘ird when she is caught or suspected of committing adultery. In this article, Yotam Feldner depicts to the reader of why honor killings occur in the Muslim state. In his opinion, the honor killings are an unfair punishment because it is not explicitly expressed by Islamic religion. He believes that if there were laws originally created against honor killings then honor killings would not take place. Due to the Islamic society and government accepting honor killings as a cultural practice it will remain in the Islamic state. I agree with Felner’s opinion because honor killings are not explicitly written into the laws of Islamic society. The people are not acting upon a rightful cause to kill the females who commit adultery. “A woman is like an olive tree. When its branch catches woodworm, it has to be chopped off so that society stays clean and pure.”- Tarrad Fayiz (pg. 2)
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