Essay about Hong Kong Of The Future

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Hong Kong of the Future Hong Kong has been a trade empire for thousands of years, the gate to the Pacific and the port of the world. Now, it is in good hands, as the Communist party has been thrown out and a new, influential democracy returns the new form of government, building a new city. Today our engineers have come together who have developed a new city concept that fits all of your benefits and needs. Considerable infrastructures, wind energy and solar energy are the base of our city. We want to maintain a pollution free environment with these infrastructures. Although, pollution is not our only focus. Education is another main focus. We believe that a successful city begins with well educated citizens.
Waste Management and reduction is a primary focus. Our city generates many types waste for example papers, plastics, metals, yard waste and medical waste. Without correct disposal, the build up of trash would cause a tremendous amount of pollution. In order to prevent this, our city collects trash and then separates trash through waste sorting facilities. Through these facilities trash is sorted through all the categories of recycling materials. This would include, paper, metal, glass and plastics. A lot of trash comes from large public facilities such as stadiums. In these stadiums the materials used for vending have all been changed to recycles materials. This allows us to lower trash rate effectively. The leftover food is taken in trucks which take the food to be…

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