Essay on Hong Kong Disneyland Case Study

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EXECUTIVE SUMMERY This paper will analyze Hong Kong Disneyland that was built y Disney in conjunction with the Hong Kong government. The local culture of the people of Hong Kong and how it is related to the operation of business especially the tourism industry, which Disneyland will fall under, will be closely examined. The author chose Hong Kong Disneyland, a theme park built and operated by a new-joint venture, between the Government of Hong Kong and the Walt Disney Company. In this report the author uses Disney as the subject of the paper as it is a new business venture in the tourism industry in Hong Kong. Disney started its business in Hong Kong since September 12th 2005 therefore evaluations and analysis are still in …show more content…
Revenues from corporate sponsors at the theme parks are generally recognized over the period of the applicable agreements commencing with the opening of the related attraction. The parks, resorts and other property are carried at historical cost.
Thus, it can be inferred that the extent of the value of its assets also derived on its long-term value. It does not only depend on the income on its current situation. Furthermore, Disney values the need to preserve its assets in order to prolong the benefit it can derived from such assets. ABILITY TO RAISE NEW FUNDS
Under this category the writer will take into consideration the strength and reputation of the management team and the overall business and the strength of relationships with existing investors and lenders.
There are series of criticisms in 2005 that put a bad input on the reputation of Disney. Also the food poisoning incident that happened in 2005 followed by the misunderstanding of preventing the entry, in order to conduct an investigation of the incident, of the representative of the Food and environmental Hygiene Department. However, according to Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary Henry Tang, “Hong Kong is becoming an important financial hub in all of Asia surpassing Tokyo, offering a diversity of experience may it be shopping, eating, or business. Thus, it can be inferred that Disney has opened opportunities to

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