Honeymoon Cystitis Research Paper

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One of the best ways to prevent honeymoon cystitis is to drink lots of water. The slightest level of dehydration can make you more prone to honeymoon cystitis. Maintaining fluid levels steady in your body and ensuring you are urinating at regular intervals will help you less likely to catch honeymoon cystitis. You require at least 64 ounces of water daily. You require more if you consume caffeinated drinks or if you sweat more.
It helps you keep honeymoon cystitis at bay if you urinate before and after sex. It is particularly critical to urinate after having sex. Doing so ensures that you flush out any microorganisms that may have entered your urethra during sexual intercourse. It will help
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If you feel like you need to urinate, do it as quickly as possible. You are already at risk of developing a bladder infection because of honeymoon cystitis and holding your pee will only make it worse. Yes, it can be uncomfortable to #look for a restroom after every few hours, but it is much more hygienic than the other. Honeymoon cystitis can ruin your sex life by making it painful and very unpleasant.
If you do feel like you’re getting cystitis in spite of your best efforts, regardless of your earnest attempts, immediately call your doctor. Your doctor might be able to call you in a prescription of few antibiotics to a local drug store. Some doctors will even prescribe you with some antibiotics to take with you on your honeymoon; just in case, you feel like getting symptoms of cystitis, so you can treat it before the condition becomes worse. Let’s consider the worst-case scenario, if you’re unable to reach your specialist and are certain something is wrong down there, visit a nearby urgent health care centers. The symptoms of honeymoon cystitis are identical as any other bladder infection, which includes low back pain, burning, cloudy urine and urgency.
These tips will help you to prevent yourself from dealing with honeymoon cystitis on your first night. What other measures have you heard of to keep this condition at bay? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comment section

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