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Honda Motor Company is a multinational Company. Honda Company is found in Japan at the early first time. Then, Honda Company starts to spread to other nation such as Europe, United State, and Asia. How can this company structure itself so successful? Now, we look into their company structure. Honda Company is using the matrix structure. Matrix organizations are flexible, because they allow different dimensions of the organizations to be mixed together. For example: the organization of

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Beside that, Company also recruits lots of management employee to maintain the three joys, and help the company to do some research to know the customer expectation on the company. Honda Company is interested in the needs of those employees. Company comprehensive benefits program, which includes health, life, disability, paid time off and retirement plans, is designed to provide employee and their families with the resources needed to take care of themselves today and in the future. These will help to increase the loyalty of the employee, and decrease the turnover rate of the company.
By the great improvement of information field, Honda Company can be easy to get the information or the feedback form the customer on the products they purchase. Base on those feedbacks, Honda Company can find out the problem on the new product, then start to solve those problems to increase the quality of the new product. Honda Company gathers the information of the customer need and creates the product bases on that information. This information can help Honda Company reach their philosophy which is respect to the individual.
Honda Company also keep gather the information of the environment change such as the pollution rate, the resources, and other. Base on the air pollution problem, Honda Company keep creating new product or upgrading the exist product to reduce the affection of the air pollution cause by the product. Base on the resource information, Honda Company start to
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