Bullying In The LGBT Community

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Bullying has become a common challenge that many are likely to face at some point in their lives. We must strive to end bullying as a whole. Bullying is something to which most people are opposed, but many are not aware that the lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and plus (LGBTQ+) community is more likely to be targeted by bullies than heterosexuals are. The New England Journal of Medicine composed a Study of Bullying of Sexual-Minority Youth and found that the sexual minority is significantly more likely to be bullied and twice as likely to be victimized by peers. Bullying is a terrible crime no matter who the victim is, but those in the LGBTQ+ community tend to be bullied and targeted more than others. This needs to change. It is …show more content…
As society we have come far in the journey of ending bullying, but it has not always been as progressive as it is now. One of the first nationally distributed reports of homophobic/ bullying of someone in the LGTBQ+ community was the 1998 torture killing of Matthew Shepard. In her book, October Mourning, Leslea Newman writes from the point of view of Matthew Shepard’s killers, family members, and the inanimate objects that served as witness to this despicable homophobic crime. One poem that effectively captures the fear of the LGBTQ+ community is written from the perspective of a drag queen. “The minute it happened I dragged my sorry ass back into the closet slapped the door shut and swallowed the key.” (Newman 54). Fortunately over time, people have became less afraid to come out and live their life freely, but harassment and bullying still occurs. After Matthew Shepard’s story became national news, more people became sympathetic and realized how pervasive homophobia had become in the United States. LGBTQ+ members are still harshly criticised because of their lifestyle and who they love. “85 percent of LGBT students report that they have been harassed because of their sexual or gender identity” (Murray). This sad statistic needs to be decreased and eliminated. Although LGBTQ+ bullying stories are not in the headlines as often does not mean they do not

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