Homeschooling And Socialization : Homeschooling Essay

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Homeschooling and Socialization

Homeschooling, something once known as alternative, is now becoming somewhat mainstream in the United States. Parents are looking for alternative ways to teach their children, besides the public school system. Back in the day, homeschooling was frowned upon because society felt that the parent needed to have a teaching degree to teach children, even their own. As time has gone on, parents have made drastic changes to how they want their child educated and now homeschooling is on the rise. Private schools tend to be very expensive and many parents cannot afford to send their kids, especially if they have more than one child; so in looking for an alternative, they choose homeschooling, (Knowles). What does homeschooling really mean? Gary Wyatt author of Family Ties does a great job of defining what Homeschooling is. He says that homeschooling is neither a place nor a family program, but rather it is an educational program that is implemented and put together by both the parents and the children. Some may say that homeschooling does not really give you an education, I disagree. They say that parents don’t know what they are doing and that is why there are teachers. According to Gary Wyatt, author of Family Ties, the term socialization is the process by which people learn the ways of their culture and develop a concept of self (Wyatt pg. 1). Homeschooling and socialization, in my opinion, is solely based off of the parents and how they teach…

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