Homer 's The Odyssey : A Hero Is Someone Who Understands The Responsibility That Comes With His Freedom

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Bob Dylan, an American musician, formerly said, “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom”. Dylan’s words remain intact in Homer’s The Odyssey. In this epic, Odysseus, the main character, is leaving to fight in the Trojan War. The war itself takes ten years. The journey back home takes another ten years. Throughout his journey back home, Odysseus is put to the test with his actions in physical and mental ways. The actions Odysseus takes during his journey home in The Odyssey make him a hero.
To begin, the actions Odysseus takes in The Odyssey make him a hero because he illustrates a character of good decision making. First, Odysseus shows his decision making when he is within a cave at the Cyclops’s island. Inside the cave lives Polyphemus, a lawless Cyclops. The entrance and exit to the cave is a tremendous slab that only he can lift. Polyphemus eats two of Odysseus’s men and then falls asleep after. Once Polyphemus is asleep, Odysseus has the opportunity to kill the Cyclops, but Odysseus is wise and does not do so. Odysseus, knowing there is no way out if he were to stab Polyphemus, considers, "There at a stroke we 'd finish off ourselves as well-/ how could we with our bare hands heave back/ that slab he set to block his cavern gaping maw?" (Homer 9.340-2). This shows that Odysseus made a good decision, in knowing that only Polyphemus can move the boulder, not to kill Polyphemus. This also shows that Odysseus is a hero because of…

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