Homelessness, Poverty, And Homelessness Essay

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Homeless populations are most prevalent in urban areas that have high costs of living. A study released revealed the fact that approximately 745,000 people across the United States were without housing during the winter, more than 40% did not have access to any form of shelter. The large and growing number of homeless people in the United States continues to be a major crisis that has not been solved. The Government needs to increase the availability of affordable housing and social services to homeless populations and anyone facing homelessness. “The United States’ current homelessness policies overlook the causes of the problems. The government needs to address the many causes to fix the actual problem. Even with an industry to help the homeless, it persistently exists. There have been major cuts in homeless funding, and a growing shortage of affordable housing and the increase of poverty” (Rich, Alex K., Geraldine Wagner). There is a dire need for solutions to homelessness and in these the most important are affordable housing, prevention programs, and financial assistance.
Homelessness is one of many complex social problems. Millions of people lack a place to sleep on any given night in the United States. Homelessness is mainly caused by poverty, pure misfortune, and even mental illness. The condition of homelessness is recognized by a result of poverty or structural flaws in society. Most of the homeless worked or wanted to work but had problems finding employment that…

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