Essay on Homelessness Is A Human Right

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What role do you play in preventing homelessness? There are more than 500,000 people homeless in the United States. 41% of these homeless people are families with single mothers as the head of the household. A quarter of these people are children. (Johnson). The problem is that we don 't acknowledge the fact that there are families that have nowhere to lay their heads at night or even food to feed there kids. The song, “A Team” performed by Ed Sheeran addresses the issue of homelessness when using a marxist lens.
Homelessness is a big issues in the United States and around the world. 61% of the United States homeless people abuse drugs and alcohol. (Dara) To think that some people believe there is no other way to turn but to drugs and addictions because they are not able to put food in their bellies and a place to call their own is horrible. When other people have money to splurge and food to through away. “Housing is a human right.” (Changing) We the American people need to make it a reality by holding the U.S. accountable to our own standards, preventing homelessness for renters, and creating homes and communities for homeless people using unused government property. In addition, fight to prevent homeless people turning to drugs and addictions.
The media portrays homelessness as a negative. “Why don 't they just get a job” (Ann) The media sees homeless people as trying to get a free ride. That these people only want others to pay for what they need to survive. Social…

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