Homelessness And The Problem Of Homelessness Essay example

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Homelessness in America is becoming an increasingly larger problem for generations now. But, homelessness is much more than just a housing issue. It is the result of addiction, job loss, mental illness and criminal history that forces thousands of people out on the streets. But the result of homelessness is not just because of the homeless person’s mistakes. It is the fault in our inadequate systems as an entire society. America; specifically, Lansing Michigan for that matter does not have the correct funding or facilities to assist those children, women and men living on the streets. Homelessness is not just the direct result of lack of shelter, but the result of poverty social exclusion in our country. People struggling, making less than poverty level wages can not possibly feed themselves let alone a family on their own.
The goal of helping to end homelessness in East Lansing communities is to have constant stability. As a society, we must find affordable, safe and adequate shelter options for those in need. In East Lansing the cost of housing is double for the actual worth and quality of the properties. This causes a huge problem for people in the area, they simply can not afford the cost of living. This is one of the largest reasons people in East Lansing are homeless. The average rent in the city is $350-800 just for a double bedroom apartment. It is not possible for people making poverty wages to afford these prices of living.
Another very large reason for the…

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