Essay about Homeless People And The Homeless

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Homeless Giving People are not intending to be cruel or stuck up when they do not give to a homeless man or woman on the side of the road. In fact, most people think they are helping the homeless person by giving them nothing. People think by giving the homeless person nothing they are keeping them away from drugs or alcohol. The problem is that people are not helping by not giving. Homeless people need help. People are afraid to give to the homeless, but this can change through care packages. Picture a man on the side of the road. This man’s clothes are tattered, shoes weathered, and all he owns is packed in the backpack next to him. He holds a sign made of cardboard that simply states “Anything helps”. Immediately seeing him discomfort sinks in and sitting there the light cannot turn fast enough. Why do people feel this way? Why do people get uncomfortable and want to flee when they see a homeless man or woman? It is because somewhere along the way people decided that if they gave money to homeless people they will just spend it on alcohol. This stems from the assumption that homeless people became homeless because of alcohol.
There are many ways people can become homeless. The biggest reason in Prescott is not alcohol, but war. Men and women who fight in wars can have a hard time coming back into society and being successful. Most of them started young, and fighting skills are the only skills they were taught. Veterans come back not only lacking skills…

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