Home Training Poem Analysis

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Home Training by Bruce A. Jacobs and Papi by Edwidge Danticat are different as Home Training by Bruce A. Jacobs, he was born in New York and wrote about race manners. While Papi by Edwidge Danticat, she was born in Haiti, she wrote about her life growing up, and about how she was made fun because of her accent. Home Training by Bruce A. Jacobs and Papi by Edwidge Danticat are also similar as they are both free verse poems, are in past tense, narrated in first person point of view, were written by African Americans, were published during the 1960's, and wrote about their lives.
Bruce A. Jacobs is a poet and freelance writer. He was born in Rochester, New York. He currently lives in Baltimore, Maryland. Bruce went to Harvard University. He received a Maryland State Arts Council individual artist grant. And he also received writing residencies in the United States and in other countries. Bruce stands up for the values of social justice and for re-humanizing the ways in which we advance what we believe. With his effective presence, his
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Jacobs writes about his life when he was eight years old. His grandfather got sick and his family had to drive him to the hospital. The doctors had to put a catheter in to empty out the urine from his bladder. The white people in the next room didn’t like the thought of being near African Americans. Bruce didn’t know what to do or say. He felt like he couldn’t do anything without being looked at differently. Bruce’s mother wrote down her nuclear weapon instructions and gave it to Bruce. She wished upon a world where brown children would not get attacked by police dogs, where her son could kiss a white girl and not be killed for it, and where race manners were equal. His mother used language as a weapon. She used words to fight instead of physical fighting. His mom’s words worked, she fought fire with an extinguisher. She put out the flames and African Americans began to rebuild a new and improved way of

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