Home Town Going Green Essay

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Brownsburg Going Green
The place I call home is Brownsburg, Indiana. I have lived and grown up there my entire life as well have my parents. Brownsburg is located in Hendricks County, which is about 20 minutes west of Indianapolis. It has a growing population of 22,000. Brownsburg has a total of six elementary schools, two middle schools, and one high school. In 2009, Brownsburg was ranked number one in the state and number thirty three in the nation for top places to live. This was because Brownsburg’s low crime rate, excellent school system, and strong economy. These are all of the reasons why I love my hometown and why I chose it for this paper. I believe by making simple changes in the community, transitioning to a post-carbon
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It would probably be better to have a couple rooftop gardens as well. The elementary student would especially think this is a lot more fun. Stone and Barlow say that “School gardens bloom in wintry climates and on farmers asphalt lots. Students learn good nutrition while eating healthy lunches of farm-fresh food. At independent schools in New Jersey, public schools in California, and charter schools in Wisconsin, education comes alive as children discover the wonders of nature while restoring rural landscapes, protecting endangered species, and creating city habitats. Classroom building in schools on the South Side of Chicago, in Central Arkansas, and in suburban Oregon become living laboratories for energy conservation and resource stewardship.” Kids learning at a young age would be essential in my community because everyone knows that it is a lot easier to learn when you are younger. In middle school I think that it would be good to have some sort of low level gardening or “going green” class just so there is always a presence of learning how to “go green.” I also think that it should they should take a woodshop sort of class. I know that there are a lot of schools that still make this mandatory, but I know in Brownsburg that we don’t have any class like that. Then going into high school, you can get into more extensive classes. If was to be a good description of this class, you could describe just like the course

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