Home Network : A Local Area Network Inside The Home Essay

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A general definition of a home network would be the interconnection between two or more computers to establish a local area network inside the home. With the advancement of the technology, the notion of computers has changed because many devices can do the same job that computers do. Therefore, let us define a home network as a local area network that allows digital devices present inside of a home to communicate together. We will enumerate a list of Home Network devices and we will write about the different features of each device. Home Network devices can be anything that can connect with another one to form a Local area Network (LAN): modem, router, hub, switch, Desktop computer, laptop, printer, Xbox, PlayStation, smart TV, tablet, IP camera and smart appliance such as light bulbs, Thermostat.
The modem is the device that converts the data received from the internet service provider in other for the devices to read the information and display it in a readable form on our screen. Back in 1990s, a modem was used to establish connection from a computer to another computer to transfer data by dial-up system. The image below is a modem of Robotics brand. A modem dials the line and answers the call. It first dials a phone number and upon connection, it starts the conversion of the digital data from a computer to analog data so that the information can travel away through the telephone line and from analog to digital data for the information received by our device. The…

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