Home Is Where The Heart Is The Best Shelter For Someone Essay

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Home is where the heart is. It doesn’t necessarily mean the home provides the best shelter for someone, nor the best experiences, and in my case, it definitely doesn’t. Home was in Hernando county Florida. When I lived there, I only got up to middle school and part of the way through eighth grade before my move to Tennessee. The difference between Tennessee in Florida isn 't just that everyone here would get beat to death for their blatant racism, but the fact that there is much less diversity in Tennessee. It 's quieter, less riled up, and with everything I 've gone through, I can speak that life here drags on much more than in Florida. Those years in middle school were likely the most definitive of my life, and hold the best stories with them- such as having your friend snort Cheez-its at the lunch table and slicing your leg open on poor gym equipment. West Hernando Middle School brought a new definition to the 'awkward middle school years '. Almost nobody wants to revisit who they were in the dark ages of life, but the middle school was worse off than most of the high schools in the county. By the time people entered the school, they were initiated with a blood pact and a line of cocaine. Sometimes, if lucky, a joint would be passed around. It was no secret that nearly everyone there was a druggie, at least at some point in their lives, despite none of them being teenagers by that point. Everyone was passed on when teachers couldn 't stand seeing their faces anymore,…

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