Home Care For Older People Essay

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2.2 Marketisation of home care for older people
The older care at home in this study would include the care services of personal routines, including nursing, body-related support, home help and befriending taken place at older people’s home by paid care worker rather than family members, following the embracement of domiciliary elderly care of Bode et al (2013) and Bolton and Wibberley (2014). The home care has been increasingly operated according to market mechanism and portrayed as the ideal type of older care (formal and informal care) for recent two decades, saving cost of the state and giving independence to older people (Bolton and Wibberley, 2014).
In the field of home care for older people, market-oriented reforms (Nyssens et al., 2012; Bolton and Wibberley, 2014) and social changes (including family models and migration) (Bode et al., 2013, Carrera et al., 2013; Bolton and Wibberley, 2014) are connected with the developments of marketisation of home care in different countries. Also, the older people’s attitudes to home care are important for the decision making about care methods. For example, based on a survey of older people and their families in Italy by Shutes and Chiatti (2012), the attitudes of Italian people to residential care are relatively negative, with 67.1% people would not place their older relatives in institutional care services ‘under any circumstances’, which concluding that they would choose to hire available low-cost caregivers at home.

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