Essay on Holocaust : The Holocaust And Holocaust

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As a young practicing Jewish American, there were not many years where the word, Holocaust did not have a strong meaning to me. The Holocaust was the murder of over 6 million Jews and over 8 million non Jews by Nazi Germany. I grew up constantly being educated on the historical tragedy. It was a part of my history therefore, my parents made sure to make it a part of my education. Unfortunately, this is not the case for most individuals not just in America, but world-wide as well. It is not uncommon for my Rabbi, Hebrew and Jewish educators, and even Family to ask me to think critically about the Holocaust. Not just the emotional ties it has, but the facts of it. Why was it even able to happen and how did we as a world, let it get so far? Why did it take over 15 million total deaths, until other nations decided something needed to be done? I am constantly worried by the question, “Could the Holocaust happen again?”. In a different light, yes. Maybe not to my religion, maybe not to me and my family, and maybe not in my specific country, but for me the answer is yes. Yes, because it does not need to have the title of the Holocaust in order to possess the immense impact and horror. One thing that has been constant in the world is discrimination. Discrimination against race, gender, age, religion, and anything else that an individual can feel “bothered” by. There are people that deny any existence of the Holocaust and there are others who push it aside as “just a thing in the…

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