Essay on Holocaust : A Greek Word Meaning

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Holocaust is a Greek word meaning "scarified by fire." In 1933 the Nazi power started to grow and along with that power came the spread of their belief of anti-Semitism. They hated the Jews because they thought of them as an inferior race to the Germans. The goal of the Nazi power during this time was to eliminate anybody that was not a German or somebody they deemed racially superior.
After World War 1 ended Germany was in chaos with over a dozen political parties trying to gain control. Some of these parties had large followings but most of them did not. One of the smallest parties was the Deutsche Arbeiterpartei, or German Workers’ Party, which later became known as the Nazi Party (“The Nazis” 18). The platform for the Nazi Party was simple they wanted to stabilize and unify the German economy. One way they were going to do this was by eliminating the Jews, who they blamed the end of WW1 and the bad economy on. “Members of this party could be characterized by four different qualities: a great love of Germany, a hatred of Jews, fear of communism, and a distrust of the Weimar Republic” (“The Nazis” 29). In 1921, Adolf Hitler became the leader of the Nazi Party and was a strongly against the Jews. After Hitler took over as leader of the party following began to grow. He was able to convince the German people; the Jews were to blame. In the following years anti-Semitism, or discrimination against the Jews, continued to spread throughout Germany. After Hitler gained…

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