Warsaw Ghetto Uprising Essay

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The Uprising of the Warsaw Ghetto
History has shown evidence of the good and the bad, the heroes of the villains, those who complete terrifying things and those who are brave enough to stand against them.“The world is too dangerous to live in- not because of the people who do evil, but because of the people who sit and let it happen” (Albert Einstein) The heroic Jews, as well as the survivors of the Warsaw Ghetto, did not only sit and watch their brethren be tortured, but stood up and fought a hopeless battle against the top elite military forces of the Germans.The Warsaw Ghetto was a gruesome place in which thousands of Jewish people were victimized daily, a place one could only envision in nightmares, a place of genocide and destruction.
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On October 12, 1940, the Germans enacted the establishment of the Warsaw Ghetto (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). The decree proclaimed that all Jews must move into a designated area separated from the rest of the town. The ghetto was enclosed by a 10 foot wall, and closely monitored by German authorities to prevent any communication between the ghetto and the rest of Warsaw. The Jews were forced to live under inhuman conditions. Moreover food allotments given by the German government were not nearly enough to sustain a healthy life. Nelly Cesano, a Jewish holocaust survivor of the Warsaw Ghetto states, "I remember the fear, of never feeling safe. You had to hide constantly. And the hunger -- I would sit in our apartment and look out the window... It was like watching people in a storybook -- we had no food, no milk..." The Warsaw Ghetto was unreal, their ‘story” was written out for them by the Nazis, and there was no way that they could change the course of their lives. In 1941 the average Jew in the ghetto scraped by on 1,125 calories a day (United States Holocaust Memorial Museum). Czerniaków, a Jew living in the ghetto, wrote in his diary entry for May 8, 1941: “Children starving to death.” These hair raising conditions galvanized inhabitants to make a stand, even the littlest acts were some of most

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