Hollywood Goes To School Analysis

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Hollywood Goes to School

Qiana M Fleming

SOW412 SPRING 2018


This is a movie review based on a high school student named "Lucas" that had a nit for learning. He was an honor student and overachiever. However, Lucas was dealing with grave emotional disturbances and thoughts. During his academic tenure he developed a few different relationships including one with a young lady named "Becca". He envied his teachers and traumatized his mentor because he did not receive an A on his English paper. Why was Lucas so disturbed? What was his childhood/home life about? As a professional school social worker these are the key variables that must be investigated in order to render help to such a student. This review will also tap into cultural awareness, peer related issues, and student behavior.


Lucas transferred to his new high school as a bright, charismatic., well rounded student. His father was a defense attorney and his mom deceased. The movie begins with Lucas introducing himself to his class. Yet, before the class Lucas has managed to begin showing signs of overachiever by giving his English teacher "Mr. Butler" every assignment missed prior to transferring
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The film is shot in real-time depicting actual students and at-risk youth living in Compton, CA as well as other cities in America. The documentary sheds an overview of the effects of poverty, segregation and inadequate educational resources within the minority community. Students are interviewed and shadowed in order to gain a respected view of the struggles and challenges that they are faced with. School administrators and teachers are also interviewed to confirm the over whelming challenges in the educational arena. The producers of the film have narrated key points such as poverty, at risk behavior (drugs), absent parents, and violence to reflect

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