Reflective Essay: The Role Of Segregation In Schools

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Fear is the resounding term that comes to mind after hearing the radio taping. Although society has been described as progressive and able to make strides toward the color blind utopia Martin Luther King Jr. envisioned, hearing the statistics on housing segregation and the responses of the community, in response to school integration, creates a sense of habitual and rigid racism. I feel it is unacceptable to allow schools to be striped of their accreditation and then turn around and criticize the school, and individuals attending, due to the lack of academic progression. In addition, it was a heartfelt experience to witness what individuals can accomplish and how it makes some feel when they are given the opportunities and resources necessary …show more content…
Furthermore, it is self-evident that the predominately white community of the Francis Howell School District would resort to familiar methods of the segregation era to avoid the racial integration that was forced upon them. Hearing the discontent and concerned voices of the parents automatically reminds me of the social phenomena known as white flight. It is egregious to think that the underprivileged kids from the Normandy High School could potentially cause a mass housing movement in a district merely on the basis, and associations, of skin color. How can we label ourselves as a progressing society when one of the first instincts the community displayed was identical to that sixty-five years ago, white flight or white fight. A parent nonchalantly stereotypes the students as violent, drug using, and incompetent individuals. These generalizations are often seen as jokes among friends but are not given their due thought. Assuming an entire race is homogeneous in a shared characteristic among a few is stripping individuals of their own preferences and can give rise to internalized racism. As discussed in the taping a school filled with a bevy of poor and unmotivated students will produce the same results over and over because this culture becomes accepted, yet when the students are given an opportunity they are ostracized. This portrays the

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