Essay On List Of Gender Stereotypes

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Gender is something that you identify with, whether it be male or female, that’s your title. Having a title comes advantages and disadvantages, being a certain gender can get you special treatment or special things. It can also bring on judgements and gender stereotypes. Gender stereotypes are things that a specific gender is expected to do, for example girls are supposed to be nice and sweet while boys are supposed to be rough and hard working. Gender stereotypes cause nothing but problems and in most cases they aren’t even true! Most people realize that these stereotypes are wrong, but still continue to use them and even teach young children how to stereotype others. Children are now being held back from exploring what’s out in the world, who they want to be and like, and are having their individuality stripped away because gender stereotypes are hanging over them constantly.
Stereotypes and assuming one’s gender are quickly becoming a big No-No in today’s society, it’s seen as discrimination and an insult. Holly Brewer, author of the article “List of Gender Stereotypes,” ends her article by slamming down all typical stereotypes for both genders and reminds readers that at the end of the day people are people and gender stereotypes are seizing to exist. “Each person is an
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Not all gender stereotypes are bad, but teaching young children what they are supposed to like and not like is only affecting their personalities and teaching them bad habits. Stereotyping is becoming a big problem, but people are beginning to recognize that and with time I do believe that it will decrease and eventually stop all together. Once gender stereotypes stop everyone will start living the way they want and begin doing what they want to do and not that a stereotype tells them to

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