Holiday Fire Hazards Essay

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Holiday Fire Hazard
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Holiday Fire Hazards The holiday season is typically observed from late November to early January. Events that are usually celebrated during this time include Hanukkah, Christmas, and Kwanzaa. During this time many people choose to celebrate these holidays by decorating their homes with electric lights, candles, banners, wreaths and the ever so famous Christmas tree. These decorations are meant to spread cheer and joy but unfortunately may increase the chances of fire in the home. Based on data from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) and the U.S. Fire Administration (USFA), in 2011 there were an estimated 240 home fires involving Christmas trees and another
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When the tree becomes dry, discard it promptly.
When dealing with your holiday lights ensure to inspect them each year for frayed wires, bare spots, gaps in the insulation, and excessive kinking or wear before putting them up. Ensure to use indoor lights for indoor use only and outdoor for outdoor only. Do not place electrical decorations near standing water or wet surfaces. Do not place plugs in broken or cracked sockets and do not link more than three light strands together. Ensure to connect strings of lights to an extension cord before plugging the cord into the outlet. Do not leave lights plugged in all day. It is best practice to only use nonflammable or flame retardant decoration just in case a fire does break out. These items will be resistant to the flame and slow down the spread of the fire. Never place decorations in near an open flame. Always pay attention to any candles or open flames that you have in the home. They should be in stable holders and placed where they cannot be easily knocked down. As in every season, have working smoke alarms installed on every level of your home, test them monthly and keep them clean and equipped with fresh batteries at all times. Know when and how to call for help. And remember to practice your home escape plan! Decorating homes and businesses is a long-standing tradition around the holiday season. Putting up holiday decorations is just one of the

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