Summary Of Holden Parker

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The next lobbyist to speak was Holden Parker from the American Civil Liberties Union. Parker’s lobbying efforts were left of center and for the Republican Party that was an immediate turnoff. Parker started off the lobbying effort with a prayer for the victims outside that were involved in the terrorist attack. Parker then went into a discussion about border security and its significance. However, at the end of his speech, Parker then went into a discussion over conditional amnesty and how it would help this country prosper. In a sense, Parker said that breaking federal law isn’t illegal. In Parker’s rationale crossing the American border illegally does not suffice as illegal entry into the United States. Rather, Parker suggested that we should put these illegals on a quick path to citizenship, as he found …show more content…
Once the lobbying efforts were over the committee then went into a discussion pertaining to all of our bills. To summarize this process it would be simple to say that it seemed more like an autocratic society in this committee meeting. Rather than using democratic values, the Committee Chair ran the show in a fashion that did not even resemble a democratic institution. Rather, the Committee Chair marked the bills up on her own with minimal input from her party. There was no votes on any of the bills and it was as if you were in hostile lands, as if you crossed the committee chair, it was seen as blasphemy. We began this phase by taking an in-depth analysis of Margaret Howson’s bill, the Howson Border Security Act. This bill went into a rather lengthy discussion, which lasted approximately twenty minutes. The main issue with this bill was that is supposedly discriminated again Middle Easterners. However, once the markup session concluded on this bill it was passed, but in a way that certainly broke

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