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GE 101

Film Review- Crash

In Los Angeles, a multi-ethic city, people cannot interact with other people belonging to different ethnic groups. They are paranoid of being victims of racial discrimination or being abused, stereotyping is in everybody’s lifestyle. The movie has pretty much every racial stereotype you can think of - Hispanic housekeeper, thuggish black people, racist white people, Chinese people and illegal immigrants. CRASH is well-acted and well-directed, but also betrayed by its scripts. Haggis has built the plot on the series of often implausible coincidences that look more suitable to misanthropic black comedies than dramas that aspire to tell important truths about real life. In just over 24 hours,
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The character, Cameron Thayer, plays an African American television producer. His character displays how an African American male feels he needs to manipulate his method of thinking in order to survive in American society. Our society has molded people to develop their psyche that conforms his character to choose to put his reputation over his dignity and self-respect. The police officer played by Matt Dillon (Officer Ryan) during a bogus traffic stop, sexually violates Christine, the upper-middle-class black woman played by Thandie Newton. But when fate later puts Ryan at the scene of an accident where Christine's life is in danger, he risks his own life to save her, even when she at first reacts hysterically and rejects his help. The white male is redeemed by his heroism. The black woman, reduced to incoherence by the trauma of the accident, can only be silently grateful for his transcendence. Officer John Ryan, is a chauvinist white male police officer with a very prejudiced attitude toward other ethnicities. His arrogant attitude is displayed in his very early scenes with his younger partner, and his prejudices are clearly outlined when he pulls over a couple of African-American heritage for a very slight incident. Officer John Ryan is of a middle class and lives with his father, yet this does not suspend his judgment of others in a similar or lower financial bracket. Jean Cabot, played by Sandra Bullock, is a middle aged, wealthy woman who has married

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