Essay on Hofstede 's Main Aim For Work And Leisure Time

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Compare & Contrast
Hofstede’s main aim was to evaluate work values, while that of Trompenaars was to inquire about employees behaviour in both work and leisure time. Trompennars model is focus oriented as it tells us about what is on people’s mind and in their sight. It describes an logical organization and framework of their behaviour which can be seen in the dimensions like specific-diffuse, internal-external direction, universalism-particularism, and we can see relationships in individualism-collectivism, achievement-ascription, neutral-affective. On the other hand, Hofstede describes about values present in people and its effect on their behaviour. Therefore, the difference between them is that Trompenaars study lies on the surface of investigating a person’s culture, and show exactly the choice of action and manner in which they are planned and handled, whereas Hofstede tries to go very deep in cultural layers and lets us to make our own forecast of people’s behaviour.
If we make comparison between the dimensions, there will be many similarities between the two theories/model.
If we look at Hofstede’s individualism-collectivism and Trompenaars individualism-communitarianism, Trompenaars individualism-communitarianism seems to be virtually identical or you can say similar to that of Hofstede’s individualism-collectivism. There is also some similarities between Hofstede’s power distance and Trompenaars achievement-ascription. One values the accepted degree of high…

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