Hobbiton Market Analysis

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Market Analysis
From the research I have conducted, I 've found that the majority of Hobbiton 's market is mostly international visitors, which accounts for 86% of their visitors. Domestic visitors make up the remaining 14%. Geographically, Hobbiton 's top 3 markets are Australia, United Kingdom and Japan and the majority of their domestic visitors are from Auckland. In May 2014 New Zealand had a total of 2,784,189 visitors and 1,176,341 of those guests stayed in the Waikato which has increased by 7.7% from 2013. Hobbiton 's main market is created by international visitors who primarily are from Australia. A holiday tracking survey revealed that more Australians use travel agents over the internet when gathering information to assist
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Hobbiton 's largest market are FIT 's who either book at the Matamata I-site or walk in at the Shires Rest. Hobbiton 's aim is to have their visitors see them as a quality attraction which they would want to include into their trips and make them feel like they are experiencing the real …show more content…
With Hobbiton having themselves present on social media it reaches out to their target audience being 18-30 year olds as this age group generally tends to be the ones most active on social media. To increase their social media foot traffic Hobbiton could run a competition in which they post a photo daily of Bilbo Baggins in numerous locations around the world and in order for a winner to be chosen they would have to 'Like and Share ' the photo with their answer. Up for grabs could be a Evening Picnic for two on the movie set and 1 nights farm stay for two. Australia and the UK are Hobbiton 's two top markets and mainly use the internet for booking their holidays. Hobbiton should consider listing themselves with an online travel agency such as www.expedia.com as well as online agencies specific to Australia like www.webjet.com.au and the UK 's www.ebookers.com. Hobbiton would then give an allowance of 30% commission to these online travel agencies for every sale they make on behalf of Hobbiton.
Hobbiton is currently linked into the Tourism New Zealand travel website, www.newzealand.com. This will enable Hobbiton to be linked to the millions of travellers who use this website for advice on booking and planning their trips to Ne

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