Hobbes's Leviath The Law Of Nature And The Law Of Nature

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The Right of Nature and the Law of Nature are both similar concepts described in Thomas Hobbes’ work Leviathan. These are both theories that explain what people are or are not allowed to do. The Right of Nature allows people to use their own power no matter what, so long as they deem the reason necessary. This is similar to the concept of the Law of Nature, except that in the Law of Nature they are allowed to do anything so long as it preserves the lives of themselves and others. The Right and Law of Nature, though they may seem to be old concepts, are still very much alive in today’s society (Hobbes, n.d.).
The Right and Law of Nature Throughout History: The Right of Nature: Absolute monarchs throughout history are classic examples as to how the Right of Nature has been used. These leaders not only had complete control of their kingdoms, but they were able to execute people without thinking twice about it. This is
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There are laws preventing people murdering others in order to gain control, and generally people will be caught for the things they have done wrong. Even though this is the case, the Right of Nature can still be seen anywhere from corporate offices, to inside the government. An example of this would be within the American military system. Americans and many other countries are essentially at war against terrorism and against the islamic extremist group „Islamic State of Iraq and Syria“, or better known as ISIS. To many countries in the world this group is seen as a threat. Executing their natural rights, it is morally acceptable to kill not only the leaders in this group, but normal people as well. They are also people, but since they are members of the opposition, it is seen as being an okay thing. This is what Hobbes talks about in Leviathan (Hobbes, n.d.). The idea that a person, or a government, can use their power as long as they deem it as

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