HLTAP401B Confirm Physical Health Status – Part 1 Essay example

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Question 1

If the observations listed below are considered the normal parameters (range) for adults, identify and list Frank’s abnormal observations?
T: 36.2 – 37.3degrees Celsius
HR: 60 – 100bpm
RR: 16 – 24bpm
BP: 120/80mmHg
O2 saturations (percentage of oxygen in the blood): 95 – 100%

Selected Answer:
Frank's abnormal observations are :
HR: which is 120bpm
BP: which is 195/100
O2 saturations ( percentage of oxygen in the blood): which is 92%

Question 2

In relation to Frank’s observations, and deterioration in his condition, identify the reporting line you would follow to notify of Frank’s abnormal results.

Selected Answer:
In relation to Mr Hardy's observations, I would firstly notify the registered nurse if she or
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In relation to Frank, what caused his stroke (cerebral vascular accident-CVA), and how did it damage his brain? (100 words or less)

Selected Answer:
Cerebral vascular accident – CVA (stroke) occurred from Frank’s hypertension that was caused from his obesity, smoking and his family history. Hypertension can cause blood clots to form in the arteries leading to Mr Hardy’s brain, and blocking the blood flow, which eventually caused the stroke (ischemic stroke).As well as rupture can happen from the weakness of the arteries, they lose their elasticity and results to decrease in blood flow through the vessels, and stroke happens which is called haemorrhagic stroke. This can lead to hypoxia in which the amount of oxygen getting to the tissues is reduced, so the brain tissues start to die. The brain controls the ability to think and all body functions which made a big damage to Mr Hardy’s health.

Question 7

Within your scope of practice as an EN/Div 2, outline two appropriate nursing interventions that would be indicated in this scenario (20 words or less).

Selected Answer:
Two appropriate nursing interventions within my scope of practice as an EN/Div2 would be:
Assisting in mobility: getting him out of bed.
ADLS: offering to help him with showering, going toilet, and doing his daily hygiene routine.

Question 8

Identify two health care professionals within the multidisciplinary team who need to be consulted in regards to Frank’s care and summarise

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