Hiv Is The Virus Responsible For Causing Aids Essay

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HIV (human immunodeficiency virus) is the virus responsible for causing AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). The virus leaves the human immune system weak and renders infected individuals vulnerable to other illnesses. HIV has been thought to have originated on the African continent and is becoming an increasing medical issue there. The documentary AIDS in Africa details the rise and impact of the rate of HIV infection and AIDS throughout the African continent. In the documentary, various medical professionals are interviewed for their perspective, and all express concern over the rising rates of infection and lack of resources for prevention in Africa. In addition to these doctors, inhabitants of the continent are also interviewed; these individuals include those who are infected with the virus and those who are not. Although they come from different places and backgrounds, they all have similar viewpoints and are fearful of the impact the virus could have on them and on Africa as a whole. Despite the fact that the documentary’s focus is the AIDS epidemic, it also depicts other areas of life, such as tradition, as well. The discussion of AIDS and these other areas relates directly to the common and often stereotypical representations, known as tropes, of the African continent. However, the documentary does not draw on these tropes completely; instead, it limits the extent to which these tropes apply by providing exceptions.
Africa is commonly viewed as a continent of…

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