Essay about Hiv Is A Major Global Public Health Problem

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When the United States became aware of the AIDS disease in early 1980’s most people thought of it as a death sentence. No treatment was available and the cause of the disease was unknown. People today infected with the HIV – the virus that causes Aids can live rather normal healthy lives. ( 2015) HIV stands for the human immunodeficiency virus. The HIV virus attacks and destroys the infection fighting CD4 cells of the immune system. With the loss of the CD4 cells it becomes difficult for the body to fight infections. HIV is a major global public health problem. Two million people annually are newly infected with HIV globally. The virus thus far, has claimed more than 34 million lives with another 36.9 million people living with the virus as of 2014 (WHO. Int. 2015). Today, individuals infected with the HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, can live relatively normal healthy lives (Wein 2015). The HIV virus is transmitted through contact of body fluids from infected individuals. These body fluids are blood, breast milk, semen, vaginal secretions, rectal fluids and pre-seminal fluids ( 2015). The infection is usually spread person to person during sexual contact or sharing injectable drugs. HIV does not live in saliva, tears, urine, or perspiration so HIV cannot be spread by casual contact with these body fluids. These body fluids do not survive outside the human body. They die quickly when the body fluid dries up. Animals or insects do not…

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