Hiv / Aids And Its Effects On African Americans Essay

1053 Words Mar 26th, 2016 null Page
HIV/AIDS, although not as prevalent a topic in North America, is a disease that has left the African continent devastated, both economically and socially. Both HIV/AIDS have had and continue to have an immense negative impact on the African population. Theses diseases have caused and are causing poverty, decreasing the size of the economy which is impacting citizens at both a macro and micro level, restructuring the livelihood of African households, and lastly HIV/AIDS are intensifying the phenomenon of inequality within the African context. To begin, one must look at what HIV/AIDS truly is in order to understand the full picture on how this disease can be detrimental to both people and an economy as a whole. HIV stands for Human Immunodeficiency Virus, and it is this virus if left untreated that can and in most case will lead to the disease AIDS (US Department). Once a person has contracted the virus it remains in their system forever, making the contraction of this virus of serious concern. AIDS is an increased attack on a persons immune system as the disease targets the immune system leaving them vulnerable to major infections and diseases, such as cancer. To this day, there remains no cure for either HIV or AIDS, and for those with AIDS constant treatment is needed in order to survive more than three years, which remains the average lifespan post diagnosis for AIDS patients that are not treated (Ibid). Recent studies have shown that the countries most affected by…

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