Rhetorical Analysis Of Vanquishing AIDS/HIV: Robin Hood Tax

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Vanquishing AIDS/HIV: Olga Golichenko’s Side AIDS/HIV is a treacherous disease that has killed millions of people world-wide for decades due to lack of proper treatment funding and no available cure for the disease itself. A proposed financial tax, known as the “Robin Hood Tax”, could help in funding treatment and a cure for the disease (DeMoro, pg.11). This financial tax can not only help in the “[eradication] [of] HIV/AIDS and other global epidemics” but also improve global healthcare for citizens everywhere (DeMoro, pg.11). Olga Golichenko is one of the million supporters of the tax. She justifies the tax proposal through her usage of examples, facts, statistics, and description to appeal to the audience’s logic and need. Golichenko speaks mainly about the …show more content…
AIDS/HIV has killed “more than half a million people in just the United States alone (Golichenko, par.2). She uses this example to make the audience understand that in just one country alone, there have been millions of deaths from one disease because of poor financial funding. This fact is helping her purpose because it is conveying how truly deadly AIDS/HIV to convince her audience that a tax is neccessary. The massive amount of deaths comes from the “thousands on [the] waiting [list] for treatment”, who die before they ever receive treatment (Golichenko, par.2). Golcihenko is conveying to her audience that due to the lack of available treatment, there are thousands of people who simply wait until they get treated or die. This last fact is helping in her purpose because it is conveying how the lack of funded treatment has contributed to thousands of deaths and to make the tax appear vitally needed to help. Golichenko is using these facts to justify how vital this tax is in helping increase treatment and creating a cure that can save millions of lives

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