Hiv / Aids : A Story Of Hope Essay

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The documentary begins with a medium close up shot of an elderly Zambian woman telling the story of Lazarus. This elderly woman appears to be fragile and weak, but is telling a story of hope. By forcing the viewer to focus on her words and her expressions in a medium close up shot they made this elderly woman a symbol of the HIV/AIDS population of Zambia While her words give a story of hope, her face contradicts that with a look of sadness and pain. A majority of people with HIV/AIDS in Zambia hear stories of hope, but just like this woman, they still believe HIV is a death sentence. By allowing the viewer to see this elderly woman’s shoulders, they are able to see that she is dressed in traditional Zambian clothing and sitting in what looks to be a typical Zambian home. Any woman or man living with HIV/AIDs could’ve played this woman’s character; she is the typical person in Zambia with HIV/AIDS, this is why she is the symbol. This scene sets the tone for the rest of the documentary that even though people are sick, they should have hope that just like Lazarus, they will rise from their sickness with the help of ART. The documentary goes onto juxtapose images of patients before their ART and after. The audience can visibly see the weight changes in the patients from the before and after pictures. This is done to show the significant effects of the ART and the increase in life expectancy; ART raises people from near death (The Lazarus Effect 2010, 2:03). Throughout this…

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