Adolf Hitler's Intentions During World War II

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World War II, the largest and most violent War to occur began twenty-one years after the close of World War I. The second world war began on the 1st of September, 1939 and involved a vast majority of the world’s nations. The nations were split in two forming the Axis Powers (which in the beginning consisted of Germany, Italy and Japan) versus the Allies (involving France, Great Britain and The Soviet Union.) Throughout the war each army grew in numbers due to alliances and friendship treaties. By the late 1930’s Hitler was the most powerful man in the German Government. ( 2003-2016.) He had many goals for Germany, but his main focus was known as Lebensraum, which translates to ‘living space.’ Hitler wished to expand the German borders …show more content…
A blueprint on Hitler’s intentions during World War II and yet not many copies were sold until he was elected Chancellor of Germany in 1933, which was a very important year for Hitler. (The History Place 1996) During this year, Hitler took complete control over Germany and the pages of Mein Kampf came to life.

On February 27th, 1933, The Reichstag building was burned to the ground. This was the beginning of the numerous horrific acts to come in the following years of Hitler’s reign. During this year the first concentration camp opened in Oranienburg, Jewish shops were boycotted by the Nazis and on the 10th of May, books that were considered ‘un-German’ were burned under the Nazi regime. (The Holocaust Encyclopedia 2016)(The History Place 1996) At this time, the League of Nations were taking action and attempting to limit army sizes. This then prompted Germany into withdrawing from the League of Nations. (The
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Germany was not the only country determined to expand their borders. Japan began expanding in 1931 with their successful invasion of Manchuria, before a violent attack towards China in 1937. (Holocaust Encyclopedia 2016) Japan’s biggest victory in World War Two was the attack on Pearl Harbour in Hawaii, which occurred on the 7th of December 1941. Japan caused serious damage to the American Fleet during this attack and therefore had war declared on them by the United States. (Holocaust Encyclopedia 2016) Due to Germany’s involvement with Japan by arming them during the attack, the United States also declared war on Germany, thus adding more pressure to Hitler and his army. The Pacific War changed in June 1942 during the Battle of Midway, victory going to the American Navy. The Allied Forces slowly began gaining dominance in the Navy and Air Forces. Eventually Japan lost control of the Islands they had conquered and were drawn back to the Chinese mainland where they defended their positions until 1945. (Holocaust Encyclopedia

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