Hitler 's The Nazi Party Essay

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The Nazi party not only used a positive representation of Hitler as strategic propaganda but also for German life. There is a Nazi propaganda poster that depicts, “an idealized image of family life and values” the poster has the letters NSDAP on it and says; “The NSDAP safeguards the Volksgemeinschaft, Comrades, if you need any advice or help, Turn to your local party organizations” (Sax 245). This photo is the Nazi party’s attempt to make their followers and non-followers feel like they can be trusted. Since the German people were desperate for change, the Nazi party could easily manipulate them and gain their assurance. This gave the party a trustworthy image and showed their followers that there was someone to come to if they were to have any issues. Another poster shows that the Nazi party was not only trying to capture the opinions of the German public, but their minds as well. There is a poster with a dark black background. On the poster there is the word, “HITLER” written in capital letters, and an image of Hitler’s face. “Hitler had become so well known by the early 1920’s that the NSDAP could simply use his image for political and propaganda purposes” (Sax 244). In this poster, Hitler has a blank look on his face, as if having no feelings whatsoever. It appears as if he has no fear and is not afraid to do whatever he wishes. The picture also conveys a scary image of Hitler, and makes him look like a dangerous man, one that was to be feared. The Nazi party aimed for…

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