Essay on Hitler 's Role During The World War II

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World War 2, described as one of the most horrendous tragedies in not only america 's history but the world history. Aggression and hostility dominating most European Nations in the 1930s and 1940s which lead to numerous of innocent deaths. Hitler played an important yet notorious role during the time period serving as a relentless german leader along with many more important leaders involved. With the rise of fascism in italy and germany, the goal to maintain peace, which lead to the treaty of versailles, would eventually take the turn for the worst. The clash of the nations would affect the lives who involved and lives of today 's society.

The war of nations started with Japan’s invasion of Manchuria, which caught the attention of countries across the world yet none willing to do anything about it. When taking over Manchuria, Japan showed no mercy the the innocent lives they took without reason other than land and natural resources. With focus on Japan, Germany was beginning to turn, starting with the signing of a cooperation treaty between Germany and Italy on October 25th 1936. Shortly after on November 1st the countries Japan, Italy and Germany would form an alliance that would be named the “Rome-Berlin axis powers”. This force of power would soon consume nations without true resistance strong enough to give the armies of these great nations a challenge.

Adolf Hitler one of the an Austrian born German, worked his way up the German society, as a young man hitler…

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