Hiroshima Bombing Research Paper

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The Bombing of Hiroshima occurred on August 6, 1945. This was a devastating and tragic event in history. The lives of the japanese people and the people of Hiroshimas would forever be changed. Countless lives were lost and many more suffered horrendous after effects of the bombing. The political, economic and social structure were destroyed. Japan and Hiroshima would never be the same.
In 1941 Japanese forces bombed Pearl Harbor. These acts of cruelty led the american government to wage war against the japanese. World War II had now began. As a result of the war , american officials began developing new weapons and technology that would bring their enemies to their knees. The atomic bomb was developed and eventually was found to be the one
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The devastation did not end there. The effects of the bombing would last for many years. The people affected would suffer from mental scars, injuries received during the bombing, radiation burns and poisoning, and many would eventually die from cancer that was caused by the bombing. In the end, over 200,000 people perished because of the horrific effects of the bombing of hiroshima.
After a long, cruel and deadly war, the Japanese finally surrendered on August 15, 1945.
The bombing of hiroshima released a new weapon that showed the Japanese forces that they could no longer stand against American forces. Japanese leaders realized that if they continued to fight their beloved country would be completely destroyed. The entire world now had a new fear,
the atomic bomb. Other countries now realized that American forces had developed a weapon so powerful that it could not be beat.
Hiroshima was devastated socially, politically and economically. Hiroshima was a city that had many hospitals and clinics. The bombing destroyed 32 of their health clinics and 18 of their hospitals. At the time of the bombing Hiroshima employed two hundred and ninety eight doctors. After the bombing only eighteen of these doctors remained alive. There was now
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American forces were now trying to demilitarize japan. The bombings destroyed many farms, industries, businesses and factories that were essential to the japanese people. Their military stronghold was destroyed. Japanese military equipment, vehicles and weapons were destroyed. The Japanese people lost many of their islands and territories. These lands were
given to other countries. Hundreds of military officers were killed , or committed suicide following their surrender. The emperor lost all his power. This left the country of Japan without structure and order. The united states helped the japanese people by sending in american troops to use for defense. The united nations was born out of these devastating events. The japanese people now had to face a vast amount of unemployment and inflation. Resources had been destroyed and now international trade was extremely limited and fiercely controlled. America occupied japan and now tried to put into place new labor laws, land reform and monopolies were destroyed. A new constitution was put into place for the japanese

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