The Manhattan Project: The History Of The Second World War

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The Second World War was the largest and the most violent armed conflict period of the 20th century from the extension of the World War I. The War was started by the Axis nation Germany, but later was joined by Italy, Romania, Japan, and Hungary and the Allied nations Britain, Soviet Union, and the United States of America. Germany, Italy, and Japan efforts to become a world power and the rise of militarist leadership led to conflicts and impact over a millions of dead’s worldwide. Also, important historical events that influence during this period led by the end of Europe colonialism, civil and women’s rights movement in the United States, the Great Depression, major rise in technology ,and others. After severe events, Japan knowing that the allies received tons of dead’s in all the fights. They attack Pearl Harbor and never …show more content…
They challenge lack of funds, the loose of artillery, the increased of death rates of soldiers, and the start of a new historical weapon ever created by man. The spread of a rumor that Germany was developing a nuclear weapon, made Roosevelt to act instantaneously. The United States start a new project named “The Manhattan Project”, was led by American physicists J. Robert Oppenheimer, employed over 130,000 people, and a total cost of two billion dollars (obtain funds by Britain). This project mainly consists of President’s Roosevelt investigation and idea of use of atomic energy for military purposes. He creates a General Policy Group the Vice President, Secretary, and other members in order to precede information to the program of War Department. In fact, through the years many psychics and engineers continued and developed the atomic bomb that acquires more power than 20,000 tons of TNT with a force, power, and capacity equal as the B-29 (air force plane).President Roosevelt died and Harry S. Truman was in charge of the

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